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Jib Furler for Sailboats.

It has all it takes to be a great jib furler.

Split drum
In just a couple of seconds, the drum can be dismantled (loosen the three fast thread screws to split the unit into two halves, the drum F and the furling line guide E) and your “WONDERFURL” can be transformed into a forestay to tack your sail to the deck chain plate, using the entire sail surface.

Swivelling head A
The traction power between the halyard and the sail is distributed on four rows of ball bearings to guarantee maximum gliding capability even when the halyard is under maximum stress.

Round cross-section profile
The round cross-section profile B (with double groove C) is the main feature of “WONDERFURL”, together with easy assembly and maximum performance during navigation.

Tack swivel D
The sail tack rotates on two rows of ball bearings to ensure the sail is always correctly tensed, even when it is furled.

Safety and comfort on board.
Safety on board is of paramount importance and if useful devices and products are on board, navigation is more pleasant and enjoyable.
WONDERFURL by Nemo Industrie is a reliable jib furler designed to easily and safely adjust genoa, jib and foresail from the cockpit.
Sudden or strong wind changes will no longer be a problem: no change of sail, no ‘dangerous’ deck manoeuvres. Just furl your sail by simply pulling the line.
It takes only four seconds to fully reef an 80 sqm sail and mooring operations will be much easier without bulky sails on the deck.

WONDERFURL does not require any maintenance nor lubrication, just washing with clear water.


Quick and easy to assemble.

Thanks to the easy spring-lock assembly system, the intermediate sections of WONDERFURL can be assembled in just a few steps.
No additional splicing is necessary since the stay requires no modification.

The special lock spring prevents the profile from working loose over time, something which often happens with standard assembly systems which use screws.
This special spring also offers perfect tightness even when subjected to continuous vibrations during navigation, mainly focused on the central-longitudinal area of the profile.



The furler is made of AISI 316 steel. The fittings (with a polycarbonate sliding core), extruded parts and other aluminium pieces are made of PERALLUMAN and a UNI 6061 alloy, ensuring excellent resistance to high torques, compression, bending and traction loads.

A row of eight ball bearings in reinforced delrin guarantee perfect sliding even under stress.


“Wonderfurl KR”: a small yet great Jib Furler.

“KR” is a highly rational product that has been specially designed for boats with stays of reduced length and a diameter of 4-7 mm.
Like the other WONDERFURL models, this jib furler is made of high quality materials, it has a round cross-section profile and a spring lock system. However, it is fitted with a non-split drum which is more suitable for small boats. In fact, the jib furler can be extracted in just a couple of seconds without having to dismantle it and used as a forestay for sails with slides.

The absence of the tack swivel is not a problem given the reduced sail surface.

“WONDERFURL” is supplied in a practical package that contains everything you need to assemble and operate the furler, including a comprehensive instruction manual.


How to choose the Jib Furler that best meets your needs.

There are four WONDERFURL models to choose from and, when selecting your model, you should bear in mind the diameter of your stay, as the given overall lengths are merely indicative.


4-7 mm Stays
Boat length overall: 6-8.5 m


4-7 mm Stays
Boat length overall: 6-9 mt


8 mm Stays
Boat length overall: 9-11 m


10-12 mm Stays
Boat length overall: 11-16 m


Jib Furler Feeder.

This feeder allows a single person to raise sails of any size and fabric, preventing the formation of creases or friction that could slow down sail setting.

It facilitates insertion of the sail in the jib furler groove, thus allowing the sail to slide smoothly into its housing.

The furler feeder is in aluminium to better resist friction and prevent wear. Its bright colour makes it immediately visible even to the most demanding regatta sailor who is focused on top speed and efficiency.
Together with the feeder, Nemo supplies a special sail feeder tube differing from the standard one.

>> Nemo means Certified Quality.

Nemo means Certified Quality.

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