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>> Benefits

A world of services.

Custom solutions.

The team at Nemo Industrie is highly versatile and involves its customers in every stage of the production process: thanks to careful analysis of their individual needs, it can offer solutions geared to their specific requirements.

In-house technical staff and after-sales service.

The in-house technical staff at Nemo Industrie assist their customers every step of the way: from the definition of the project to installation on board, offering a variety of after-sales services including repairs, spare parts that are always available and product adjustment.

The Nemo Industrie technical team is also on hand in port when its products are installed.

Worldwide assistance.

Wherever our customers are around the world, the Nemo in-house assistance team is able to reach them rapidly and give them the technical support they need.

The best materials, the most cutting-edge techniques.

All materials are selected and processed using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Steel products: these products are moulded without welding, they are perfectly flat and produced to last over time.

Stainless steel products: from grinding and buffing using a multi-purpose robot, to greasing, pickling, passivation and polishing, the many stages in the production process maintain the material’s brilliance and crystalline structure.

Aluminium products (such as peraluman): top performance is guaranteed because products undergo extrusion, bending and TIG controlled arc welding, or die-casting of different shapes and thicknesses.

Carbon fibre products: carbon fibre is the perfect material for use at sea. It is incredibly light and flexible and is used to make accessories with unbeatable features.


The research and development staff design items and automations for all fields of application (electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic) to meet the demands of the present and anticipate the trends and needs of the future.

Easy to install and handle.

All Nemo Industrie accessories are designed to be extremely easy to install and manage from the pilot bridge.


Nemo Industrie offers an all-round service, running internships at the company and training sessions on how to install, service and adjust its products.

Assistance with certifying bodies.

Upon request, Nemo Industrie can help its customers with bureaucratical procedures and when dealing with certifying bodies.

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