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“Seaguard” protective corrosion-resistant paste.

Special lubricant with PFTE to prevent any form of corrosion. It eliminates the issue of electrogalvanic currents due to the contact between components in different materials.
Bubbles on painted surfaces or signs of material deterioration on anodised parts are unpleasant yet frequent inconveniences in the marine environment. Electrogalvanic currents generally form close to rivets, steel plates or screws if they have not been properly insulated with specific products.
In order to prevent corrosion, apply a thin layer of Seaguard paste between any two different materials, thus achieving maximum insulation.

Nemo has tested this product in salt spray for the equivalent of 10 years at sea, obtaining highly satisfactory results.
This product is also an excellent lubricant and can be applied to accessories such as bottle screws, turnbuckles, backstays, bearings, tracks and where perfect sliding performance is required.
It is sold in 100 g tubes.

“Seaguard” anti-galvanic corrosion paste

>> Nemo means Certified Quality.

Nemo means Certified Quality.

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