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Internal Door Frames for Yachts and Motor Boats.

These frames are made entirely in painted aluminium. They are supplied in customised dimensions complete with marine neoprene sealing gaskets and stainless steel hinges.

The door can be pre-assembled on the frame before installation on the bulkhead of motor boats and yachts.

All the intricate work is carried out off board, allowing considerable time savings.

Internal Door Frames
Internal Door Frames

How to order.

Please supply us with the following information when ordering your frames:


  • Bulkhead cut-out
    A = …….. mm
    B = ……… mm
  • Lock height
    C = ……… mm
  • Opening direction
    (hinged on the left): S = Push
    (hinged on the left): T= Pull
  • Bulkhead thickness
  • Door thickness: 30 mm
  • Bulkhead thickness: 15 to 30 mm
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RE. FIG. 1
A=1650 mm B=450 mm
bulkhead thickness=18 mm
A=1680 mm B=515 mm
bulkhead thickness=15 mm
RE. FIG . 1
A=775 mm B=370 mm
bulkhead thickness=15 mm
A=650 mm B=350 mm
bulkhead thickness=30 mm

>> Nemo means Certified Quality.

Nemo means Certified Quality.

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